Chiller Optimization

Conventional refrigerators and chillers rely on controlling the air temperature inside a fridge or chiller. We are concerned with the temperature of your product instead. Our CUES makes sure your product is maintained at the desired temperature instead of the circulating air. This shift converts itself into monetary savings and reduced load on your equipment.

A refrigeration thermostat monitors circulating air temperature and decides when to switch on and off. However, circulating air temperature rises far more quickly than food temperature and as a result, the refrigeration unit works harder than necessary to maintain stored products at the required temperature. This in turn leads to excessive electricity consumption and undue wear and tear on the equipment. Constant opening and closing of the doors contribute to the chillers working harder and harder.

CUES regulates the refrigeration cycle based upon food temperature rather than air temperature - thereby maintaining food at the correct temperature and eliminating wastage. This results in up to 30% savings on energy costs


Reduce loads and consumption on your refrigeration process. CUES works across almost all types of systems, including regular refrigerators, walk-in chillers, stack refrigerator units, and even refrigerated trucks, saving fuel. This in turn not only saves you money, but extends the life of your equipment.