Lighting Solutions

There seem to be many solutions when it comes to lighting in the market. In order to stand out, we combined ELUMA with ATMOS. 

ELUMA Super Cool LED's reduces heat loss. Traditional bulb's lose up to 95% of energy through heat. We save greatly on this loss, which translates into you saving on your bill.

ELUMA has a copyrighted casing structure that dissipates heat away from the unit. This makes your air-conditioning work less hard, saving your air conditioning bill's and increasing their lifespan. 

Enjoy 10 years of guaranteed lifespan.

ATMOS is the most advanced, intelligent lighting control available today. It is a wireless sensor that not only monitors and reacts to occupancy levels, but also to ambient light. This is crucial, as it enables us to harvest existing sunlight, a smart way to combine natural light with ELUMA, reducing the need for power when it is not needed. Together, this system delivers a substantial saving on lighting power usage.