Cooling Systems and Motor Controls

Cutting-Edge Locally Developed Technology

Our data shows that the highest power consumer for industrial and commercial clients are from fixed speed motors. Our Control Drive fixes this problem by matching optimized current to load and soft starting. 

An escalator, or conveyor for example runs on a fixed speed whether or not there is load. Furthermore, these machines have been overdesigned to stay within maximum operating parameters. Our Control Drive solves this problem by matching motor torque to load torque by sensing motor load.

When installing our drives on AHU's, Cooling Towers, and all Pumps, we see savings from 35% up to 56%. These results are consistently achieved in various industries and applications. Our proprietary technology uses advanced algorithms designed to learn the system it is installed in, and deliver the optimum required power to carry out the work. The motherboard is connected to several sensors depending on the type of application. The input data is interpreted and learnt by our AI.

The soft start features within the unit works by the step-less increasing of the terminal voltage to the motor until the motor provides enough torque to accelerate the load to the required speed. This has the effect of drastically reducing the motors starting current, usually by 50% and overall savings of up to 40%