Voltage Optimizer

Our Voltage Optimization regulates, stabilizes and reduces voltage use at your site. By making sure we only supply the voltage you need, we can ensure a reduction in energy use site-wide. This requires a reduction in incoming supply to your site. To achieve this, we set the ratio of primary to secondary windings in the transformer present within our optimizer to achieve the desired output. The end result is a smoother power delivery, reducing consumption and extending your equipment lifespan. Typical savings range is between 8% - 15%.

Tri Quantity is the sole distributor for the Powerstar Voltage Optimizer range. 

Voltage Optimization captures the entire facility and reduces incoming voltage, making the largest impact overall on a business.

We Guarantee the savings, meaning if you do not achieve what was predicted, we will Reimburse you.

Typical voltage supply is required to be 415V for 3 phase and 230V for single phase. In order to achieve this, utilities usually over compensate. By installing a Voltage Optimizer, we avoid this wastage and by default increase the lifespan of all connected equipment.