The Process

Let's take a look at this simple process



  • We will require your electricity bill's for 12-24 months (mandatory), single line drawings, list of major equipment and ACMV Schematics. If some of these non-mandatory items are not available, we will find workarounds. This information will be handed over to us upon signing of an NDA.

  • We Draft a Proof of Value Agreement before proceeding. This Proof of Value is a document outlaying what our mutual targets are, and what measures we are going to take to achieve these targets.

  • We install our Eniscope on your Main Circuits and study your power influenced operations for a period of 1 month. Upon completion of this period, we proceed to the second stage: Pilot.



  • We identify equipment that will benefit from our systems. For example, you have several air-conditioning equipment, motor driven equipment, refrigeration and chillers.

  • Based on the example above, we will install our systems on one air conditioning unit, one motor, one refrigeration system and one chiller. We let one month go by, and compare their performance to your standard base equipment. You will see the difference in consumption measured.

  • The following month, you will see the difference in your equipment efficiency for that one month period. This will be reflected by Eniscope (kW/h), and in your electricity bill. We will now move to the final stage: The Agreement.



  • We will make management recommendations. These are operational steps you can take to reduce consumption without any external equipment.

  • We will agree on your baseline consumption based on your average usage for the past 2 years.

  • We will begin a full installation roll-out across your business. We will continue to replace outdated equipment with newly released versions during the contract period to maximize performance. Our installation teams comply with all requirements, and are qualified electrical crews.

  • Your savings will be split with us for a specified number of years with a agreed percentage. Commercial details will be negotiated prior to contract drafting. We want to make this as mutually beneficial as possible. Equipment is under warranty for 10 years, therefore, long after our agreement period has ended, you continue to benefit from 100% of savings.

  • This is probably the only win-win model in industry. If you don't save, we don't gain. It is in our interest to reduce your electricity cost without sacrificing comfort/productivity. Remember: just because you're paying less doesn't mean you're getting less.

Note: Our measurement is based on IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol. Please click link to learn more). This means if there are operational changes or modifications, calculations are adjusted to take these increases/decreases into consideration.

Reduce cost while improving efficiency, Increase bottom line while reducing maintenance costs, increase equipment lifespan, reduce carbon footprint and save the environment in the process. Achieve all this at no cost to you. The savings that you will share with us is cost that would go to the utility provider anyway. The result: You still save while we continue to optimize. Get in touch with us.