Energy Management

We are proud to introduce the world's most complete end to end energy management service

Intuitive. Ease of Installation. Backed by Energy Management Professionals. Perfect for single buildings or multi-site businesses.

Monitoring System, Motors, Chillers, Air-Conditioning Units, Refrigeration and Voltage Optimization - We Have the Complete Solution For Your Organization

At the heart of our solution -  the Eniscope. It comes with a maximum of 8 three phase metering points per unit, with physical connectivity to pulse and temperature inputs. This is connected to the cloud via a modem. All energy specifics, including temperature, occupancy, machine run-times and other operational parameters are readily available to be cross-referenced with energy data.

Existing BMS or CAFM solutions are able to integrate with Eniscope. Accuracy is more than 99%, and is available real time. This data is available for you to access anywhere, anytime. Influence occupant behavior, optimize production and reduce energy costs while we do the work for you. IR 4.0 ready.

Behavioral changes are made through having visibility. The addition of alarms and alerts have a greater impact on overall savings.

                                                         Predictive Maintenance

Stop Reacting. Start Pre-empting

With our automatic alarm systems, cloud based platform and mobile app, stay connected to your equipment wherever you are. 

Your maintenance no longer has to be reactive or scheduled. Easy to understand data flows in real-time to your maintenance teams. Before an asset is down, it's energy profile will tell us it's going to have a problem. Pro-actively take the necessary measures to stop breakdowns.

Adjust energy consumption remotely. Use our real-time data and simple intuitive interface to identify faults immediately and identify equipment that are about to malfunction, giving your maintenance team a clear window to rectify the situation.

Our energy management system - Eniscope - gives you the power to identify problems before they occur and to transform the way you operate towards efficient productivity. 

               Keep a Healthy System