Energy Audit and Tax Reliefs


Energy Audits are performed in a facility to identify areas where wastages and inefficiencies are present. The audit is carried out by energy auditors on the systems deemed important. Typically, this includes ACMV, Motors,  Compressors, and Lighting.  

Energy Audit Conditional Grant

Partnering with SEDA Malaysia, we offer to carry out the audit exercise at no cost to the client. SEDA has been offering the EACG to commercial and industrial users with the ultimate goal of using less energy to achieve the same output and reducing carbon footprint. We assist our clients in the application of this grant.


The Malaysian government is encouraging the take up of energy efficiency and green technology by offering tax breaks to organizations that implement energy conservation measures. This is in line with the  Green Technology Master Plan 2017-2030. We assist our clients in obtaining these benefits.