Most of us are aware of the impact air-conditioning units have on our monthly bills. When you have lots of them at once, the impact can be severe. Why not give your air conditioners a break without sacrificing comfort and save money at the same time? ACES 2 is an improved version of it's predecessor.

The common culprit in most systems would most likely be air-conditioning units. Air-conditioning compressors work on overtime most of the time, even when your optimum temperature has been reached. ACES 2 essentially makes your unit smarter by controlling how the compressor works to achieve set point temperature. This results in your air conditioning units lasting longer as well as reducing power consumption without sacrificing comfort.

ACES 2 makes sure the set room temperature has been reached, without the inefficient part of the cycle. This gets you the cooling comfort desired without the excess power consumption. The result? Up to 50% saved electricity.

ACES 2 also enables you to control ambient temperature set points remotely. Start saving on monthly bills, servicing, maintenance and replacements.